Wednesday, 8 April 2015

I am perfectly happy with my own ears thankyou!

Easter Sunday and the sun has got his hat on. We've been invited for dinner at my parents house and after the unfortunate incident in my dads car I make sure I pack a bag full of travel essentials.
We arrive without so much as a fart which leads me to believe it had something to do with his driving...

As we walk through to the kitchen, the other four family dogs lift their heads sleepily, disinterested in our arrival. Lola and Fifi stay obediently by my side, my twelve year old is cheerful, we all hug each other and then sit down for a lovely, calm family meal.

Only joking ...

Everyone starts talking at once, the twelve year old is already engrossed in his phone, the dogs chase towards us although the instant I unclip Lolas lead they probably wish they hadn't. She air boxes her way around the room, nips wagging tails, lunges towards legs and sniffs out bones that the others thought were hidden. Lola is in the building and she wants everyone to know about it.

I'm not wearing these!

Things did eventually calm down so after dinner we thought we'd try an Easter photoshoot.

Now that she'd tired herself out making a nuisance of herself she was going to sit nicely, facing the sun so we didn't get any shadows in the picture and pose sweetly for the camera wearing the purple fluffy bunny ears. Ha!

Not likely.

She turned it into a game of run away with the bunny ears and see who can catch me first. And she seemed to really enjoy this new game.

Fifty photos and a set of soggy bunny ears later we finally got the best picture we were ever going to get. And here it is ....

Nom Nom


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